Hi guys !

A friend of mine is having trouble with is H3DII-39 and back focus. He bought it from a second hand (serviced before selling it). When he makes the AF on the eyes for example, he gets focus on the ears. He also has a H3DII-31 with a body, he put it on the 39 back and it makes also back focus. 31 back on the 39 body works well, perfect focusing. He tried to clean up the AF sensor but there were no dust at all. He send it to the Hasselblad service today, he has to wait for a week. Does anyone had this sort of trouble ?

Last question, does anyone knows what means those numbers in the Focus Calibration ID ? I have 3/8773 (but perfect AF), he has 1/9837 but we do'nt know if that means anything. Is having 1/9837 better or anything else ??