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Thread: Arca-Swiss DSLr2 or F-Metric for Jewelry Work?

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    Arca-Swiss DSLr2 or F-Metric for Jewelry Work?

    I'm looking to hookup a full movement bellows system to my Nikon D800E. The Arca Swiss offerings allow full tilt and shift movements at the same time. I was wondering if anybody had used any of these pieces of kit and what their experience was with them. What is the real difference between the two, since both can be hooked up to a DSLR? I'm pretty much in love with Arca Swiss build quality from my D4 head. Looking at the other view camera offerings like the Horseman VCC, Cambo X2 or Novoflex the bellows won't tilt and shift at the same time and the Arca's offerings have up to 30 degree movements although that might not be practical. Also, what lenses would work with these guys? This will be strictly for Jewelry photography so no need to focus to infinity etc.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Arca-Swiss DSLr2 or F-Metric for Jewelry Work?

    Well, it looks like Antonio Chagin has a lot of experience with this setup, I suggest you ask him. He uses enlarger lenses.

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