Hi everyone :

I'm currently runing my CVF back with the all fresh MAC Phocus version 1.1.
So far the new tool bar and filters improvements are outstanding and captivating, the sharpness and anti-moire ones are a true revolution for the capture due to his unique file type.

... Only i'm quiet disturbed about my efforts regarding the interpolation through the export tool.

Every time i edit the options with a new customizing sizes and send the tiff-16 (or any other option included), my file doesn't goes beyond the native resolution of the 16mp of the back.

All over my interpolations on Flexcolor 4.8.4 results were of my satisfaction, but here NO INTERPOLATION OCURS !?

I met a couple of fellows working for Hasselblad on a presentation in Mexico City, my questions to them were the same as in here:

Why Phocus isn't performing the interpolation from a CVF back ?

They had no answer to my matter, they suggest to sent a mail to [email protected] exposing mi issue.

I still waiting for a response from them ... meanwhile any one care to to help ?

Best regards to all and and many thanks.