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Thread: Case/bag for a Cambo WDS?

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    Case/bag for a Cambo WDS?

    I've just moved to a Cambo WDS + P45, and am looking for a good bag/case to carry it in. I don't really want to go for a backpack-style case as my 35mm outfit lives in one, and carrying two backpack-style cases is a pain. Given that the WDS is a bit of an awkwardly sized beast, I've done some looking around at local suppliers and it seems that a lot of cases they have around are just a little small in one dimension or the other to be able to carry the WDS efficiently. A Pelican-style case seems to be about the only way to go, but before I go there: are there any soft/semi-hard cases out there that people have had good success with for carrying a WDS, a P45 and bits, and possibly an extra lens or two and possibly a Macbook Air?


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    Re: Case/bag for a Cambo WDS?

    Check Think Tank Photo Sling-O-Matic. I use it for professional camcorder as well as for my Arca Swiss RM3Di. Sometime I load my Technical Camera & Nikon 35mm in same back pack. It really depends on where I'm going and how much I'm carrying. While travelling, I usually put MFDB, technical camera & lenses in Phase One Pelican case. When I get down from car and need to hike / walk arounds, I load my gears into bag / backpack.

    If it is air travel, then it depends who else are travelling with me to carry my extra bags. My family thinks I don't know how to enjoy the vacation and travel light.


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    Re: Case/bag for a Cambo WDS?

    Shoulder bags have ruined my back, so if you're carrying an even marginally heavy kit, I recommend something with a hip belt.

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