Hi my name is Andrew and this is my first post. THis forum looks like a wealth of information and i look forward to contributing. However i do need some advice.

I am looking at entering the MF Digital world. I currently shot with a 5DMkII (in occasion) but mainly shoot the 6x17 Tranny Film format.

I have stumbled across a Mamiya 645 DF with a Aptus II 6 (28mp) back for what looks like a pretty decent price.

My concerns are crop factor of 1.3 (i believe) and what i have had read is that it cant really do much over ISO 200.

I shoot mainly landscape images and am wondering if this combination will suit.
With slide film i get approx 4-5 Stops (which i dont mind, its a charesteristic of slide), never using a MF Digital setup i am wondering if it will be a steep learing curve and if the claims of 12 stops of dynamic range is actually true.

If the 5dmkii produces raw files that are approx 20mb and it is a 14bit system with a 5-6 stop DR, i would have thought a 16bit 12 stop sysrtem would yield files at least 80-100mb, however it seems it produces files in the range of 40mb (for this back anyway).

THanks in advance for your advice and assitance.