I've got a Arca Rm3di , but the question also is for the Alpa, Cambo, Gotshald, etc etc users..

I would like to use my Rm3di handheld to, as i am getting realy fedup with my Phase/Mamiya 645, and realy happy with my Arca body, it might be the soluition for me.

So before i make some extra investments on my Arca ( viewvinder for instance, and handgrip extension) , i would like to have som tips from you guys about focussing it a bit more quickly.

So i normaly work on tripod, using the Cloud module or a laser to focus. this works fine as i've got more time to make an image, and to focus,

But having "experimented" already with the handholding thing, i found using te cloud hand holding the cam was clumbsy, an guessing the distance works out fine for wide angles, but for any thing above 90mm it can be some trouble, certanly if the subject is quite close.

So how do you guys focus, handheld, with small télé's ? to get it right ?
In for instance a portrait ? ...