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Thread: Old-school rangefinding

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    Old-school rangefinding

    I've put together a mini review of the Leitz Fokos rangefinder which I've used some time in my landscape photography:

    Leitz Fokos rangefinder mini review

    It's not a Leica Disto D5, but if you don't use the rangefinder for focusing (ie you use live view or ground glass + loupe) and only use it to make depth of field judgements together with tables or DoF apps I find it to have adequate precision.

    As I like fine mechanical instruments and don't like to carry a lot of weight or battery-powered things, this rangefinder together with a laminated DoF table card is my tool of choice.
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    Re: Old-school rangefinding

    Very nice. Just to add to this, I did a review of a bunch of rangefinders you mention in your review:

    CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Accessory Rangefinders - Mini Review
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