Im currently shooting with an ALPA STC, SCHNEIDER APO-DIGITAR 5.6/47 MM XL and a 16mgp back. Ready to make my second lens purchase Architecture/portrait . Obviously interested in getting the most out of capabilities of the STC and at some point upgrade the digital and film back but first wanted to focus on getting a solid/minimalist lens kit. Looking at the normal to portrait focal length range: RODENSTOCK/ALPA HR ALPAGON 5.6/70 MM, LB or SB and/or ALPA APO-HELVETAR 120MM F/5.6 SB which appears discontinued. Which brings me up to question why they are discontinuing the SK 120mm as well as hard to find feedback and images taken with that lens.

I know Im looking for the Holy Grail, but nothing is created equal so which lens will stand the time? Thanks for your time, Best- Skip