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Thread: Question: AFDIII/DL28 Tripod Quick Rel...

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    Question: AFDIII/DL28 Tripod Quick Rel...

    Thanks for looking.
    I put my tripod quick release on when I first received the camera and found that when putting the unit on my tripod with it's quick release receiver the Leaf back battery gets in the way. (I can't remember my quick release model, but it's very, very common)

    Any one else? If so, suggestions please.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Question: AFDIII/DL28 Tripod Quick Rel...

    Hi Tom,

    I too have the AFD III and Aptus II 6 DB. I use a RRS L Bracket on a RRS BH-55 ballhead with PCL Panning Clamp. When I first placed the camera on that setup, I too ran into the problem of the battery "hanging" too low so that the knob that tightens the clamp hit it.

    My solution has been to use the clamp "backwards" from how I normally use it (say, with my Nikon). Basically that knob now faces away from me (which changes the orientation of the whole head from how I normally use it) which annoys me slightly (I like to be able to keep my eye on things), so my tripod "workflow" has changed a little. I've had to re-learn my hand movements, etc to work with the knobs.

    My long term solution is to just use the tripod system this way now, for everything so that I get used to it.

    Minor annoyance, but fine.


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