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Thread: Mamiya 645AFD Film Back Issue

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    Mamiya 645AFD Film Back Issue

    I was Shooting a roll of 120Film. I was logging my shots so I know I was at 11 shots. All of a sudden my next shot after stopping for lunch reset back to 1. Figured it was a glitch. So I'm shooting a few more shots but the counter keeps going. I haven't heard the film release. I don't want to open it and expose the roll which I did on the previously shot roll when I got to 16 shots and then the LCD on the Film Back went black. Wouldn't registered couldn't shoot then started over at 1. When I opened the back the film was exposed although it was finished. It never spolled.

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    Re: Mamiya 645AFD Film Back Issue

    Hi welcome.

    I answered this on flickr for you.

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