I have a Rollei X-act 2 on the way - arriving sometime next week - with 35 and 120 lenses in the Rollei electronic shutters. I also own a fairly complete Hy6 set up (AF: 50 80 150 180 60-140, MF: 50 80 120 150 140-280) but I figured it might be worth rounding off the Xact2 system, too.

That said, I have no idea what lenses I should get to fill the gap. I saw mention in the tech cam thread of someone's 5 lens set up (beginning and ending with 35 and 120) with a 47, 90 and something else in there. The lenses I have access to are as follows:

47 55 60 80 100

Does the 55 negate the need for a 47 and 60? Is 35 55 80 120 enough, or should there be a few fillers just in case?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Mostly going to be using this for architecture and interiors, but will possibly dabble some in the studio, too.

Aside: neither 80 100 or 120 are makro, *BUT* I did stumble across a 120 M. Does anyone know what the maximum possible magnification is/would be on the existing Schenider 120? And if I were to pick up the makro, are there any other differences between the two or are they both essentially the same beyond a certain subject distance?