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Thread: Error with Mamiya 45mm F2.8 lens

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    Error with Mamiya 45mm F2.8 lens

    Am new to medium format, i borrowed a Mamiya AF 45mm F 2.8 lens and whenever i try to click any photo the mirror goes up and remains there until i switch of body and back...

    The Mamiya AF 45mm focuses ok but am not able to click any photo and whenever i connect the lens and start body and back there is some sound coming from either body or lens

    while the body and back works perfectly with my schneider kreuznach 80 mm lens.. am i missing something ?

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    Re: Error with Mamiya 45mm F2.8 lens

    There are many different versions of all the components - lens, body and back.
    If you wrote the model of body and back and uploaded a picture of the lens that could help.
    Also it's possible that the lens is broken.

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    Re: Error with Mamiya 45mm F2.8 lens

    I'd suspect the aperture mechanism in the 45mm lens. Is it fully open, both before and after you mount the lens? Does it behave the same way you described (no photo, mirror stays up) whether you try to take a photo at f2.8 or at a smaller f-stop? When set to the smaller f-stop, does it respond when you press the DOF preview button?


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