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Thread: New to MF - help me choose my camera!

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    New to MF - help me choose my camera!

    Hi guys

    I've been a long time reader on this forum and finally decided to register and ask the biggest question of it all: Which camera should I get?

    Long story short, i decided to go MF some time ago, have been shooting professionally for a few years now, all Nikon and decided trying to go the mediumfomat route to get inspired and hunt for quality.

    So after some searching around, I finally found 2 offerings that are interesting:
    - Phaseone DF with Phaseone 80, Mamiya AF 35, 45, 55 and 210 lens, Aptus II-5 back, under 6000 frames shot, also comes with a case, extension tube, cable release and so on
    - Hasselblad h3dII39 with 80lens, around 75000 frames shot, still good condition, serviced.

    I know the blad has almost twice as much pixels, but my main goal for the MF route is the sensor size anyway.

    The Phase set is 1,4 as much as the blad, but it includes way more.

    But I mostly shoot weddings and portrait stuff, so the wide lenses aren't as intresting for my anyway and I think I'd sell at least two of them right away.

    Thing is, I heard all the rumors about Hasseblad and they don't shed the best light on their brand.

    Also, I think I'd be a big fan of the shutter system of the Phase, to have to option to use 1/4000 or on the other hand 1/1600 flashsync is very tempting, even though I wouldn't be able to use the flashsync with any of the included lenses.
    What also is nice about the phase, is that it's more or less an open system, the blad isn't.

    So, I know I've not asked any specific questions til now, but that's because I dunno what to ask. Maybe I'm only asking for your opinions on either of these sets and what I should be thinking about when going eiter route.

    To finish this weird typing, I'll throw in 2 questions: Which camera has the better AF, which back would you prefer for shooting people?!

    Thanks for all your help!

    kind regards

    Oh and sorry for the bad typing, english isn't my mother tongue!

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    Re: New to MF - help me choose my camera!

    I'm not a people photographer. But considering my friend photographer and my own equipment, a well used hassel H2 camera, with a very good used P65+(hassel mount) or IQ160, and hassel 50-110 zoom, 120macro, 100 lens, would be what I'm thinking.... in addition to a very good small camera. (a very good canon or nikon plus maybe fuji x100s or leica~)
    Just a thought~ not as a professional people photographer~ The hassel + phase one, medium format is a heavy camera especially with either zoom or macro. So we need muscle and passion for it. This combination might look complicating at first thought, but I prefer to go with better equipments even with some complication and price... My friend prefer the zoom lens(in a fashion setting) because of the flexibility in a crazy situation even though ~very heavy. I would prefer lighter lens like 100mm, but not sure~ I would have zoom and 100 and ~probably 120 macro. Definitely sometimes, the additional smaller camera would help too.
    Ah~ my suggestion is in expensive side, but a very well used P40+ would be cheaper~ of course from a good dealer.
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