I've got some indications that the 6um Kodak sensors available in the Hasselblad backs CFV-50 and H5D-50 work a lot better on symmetrical wides SK28 and SK35 than 6um Dalsa backs like P40+/P65+/IQ160/Aptus-II 10/Credo 40/60, with less color cast and crosstalk issues.

Ever since I got my Aptus 75 I've been thinking of what to upgrade to later on (will not be a new back, don't have that kind of budget), and I've been most indecisive :-). I like the 100% sharpness check capability on the Aptus series, so Aptus-II 10 has been (and still is) a hot alternative, but I don't like the 3.1:2 aspect ratio, and as I like the Schneider wides and shift 10-15mm the color cast is a bit worrying. The SK35 is workable, but the SK28 is a no-go with my quality expectations -- I worry more about color fidelity and dynamic range loss than sharpness loss when moving towards the edge. The other hot alternative is Hasselblad's CFV-50, I'll have to live without 100% sharpness check, but I get 49x37mm (I like that size), and now when I've heard that it should work better than the Dalsa 6um sensors with the Schneider wides it became hotter.

So my question to the forum is if someone has experience with Kodak 50 megapixel sensor (eg Hasselblad CFV-50, Hasselblad H4D-50 etc) with the Schneider Digitar 35 and/or 28, and even better if they can share LCC shots with me (preferably raw), shifted a lot, preferably all the way to hard vignetting? Both horizontal and vertical would be great, as crosstalk generally differs a lot between those.