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Thread: New Alpa STC Shift Lock Loose / Play on Scale?

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    New Alpa STC Shift Lock Loose / Play on Scale?

    Just got my new ALPA STC in the mail... I am so happy to be shooting with an alpa!

    One question:

    The locked setting on the shift scale still allows for a little (very
    tiny .2-.3mm) amount of play on the line. It is just enough to notice
    with or without the film back. I think the play is the space between
    where the locking pin fits between each thread on the adjustment

    Is the locked position supposed to have this play or is this abnormal?
    I would have thought the locked position would lock it down solid?

    Here is a link to download a movie shot with my iPhone of what I am experiencing:

    Thanks for the help!


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    Re: New Alpa STC Shift Lock Loose / Play on Scale?

    Mine does the same. I wouldn't call it loose in that it takes some effort to move it back and forth. As you postulate, play in the threads and thread assembly I think.

    For what it's worth, I've had mine for 4 years and it has not changed at all.

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