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Thread: Automatic Watermarking When Tethering in C1?

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    Automatic Watermarking When Tethering in C1?


    Does C1 give you the capability to automatically watermark tethered captures? Here's the deal, I have a separate "parent's room" set up in my studio with a flat screen mounted on the wall. As I'm shooting in the camera room, the flat screen in the parent's room is mirroring my PC and displaying what I'm capturing in the camera room. However, I discovered that people were taking pictures of the screen and using them in unauthorized ways. I'd like to continue this as it's been a big hit with the parent's, but I want the images automatically watermarked as they roll in. Is this possible?

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    Re: Automatic Watermarking When Tethering in C1?

    I'll have to test this one out to be sure but if I recall correctly as long as you have selected a process recipe that includes a watermark (the recipe name highlighted, not the check mark), all the images in the display will show that watermark.

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