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Thread: auto focus issue

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    auto focus issue

    I think this might be my first post after lurking here for what seems like years. During a shoot yesterday my old Mamiya 150mm lens just up and quit being able to autofocus (yes the MF/AF ring is turned completely to AF) I was using it on my Phase One DF with an IQ just makes a weird quiet whirring a kitten with asthma.
    I know its not a camera issue becasue I immediately tried several other lenses and auto focus worked perfectly.

    Is this the sound a lens makes when it's dying?

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    Re: auto focus issue

    I can speak directly about Mamiya lenses, but AF can die in a lens--it has happened to a Nikon lens I have. You could try one thing which is clean the lens contact with an eraser. They could be dirty. I would do the same with the body, being careful not to get rubber in it. Otherwise, it will probably need to go back...

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