I'm NOT a reviewer but I thought I would share a very brief summery of how this lens works for me with Alpa FPS and Leaf Credo 60 back.

It is a big lens but lighter than it looks. It did take a little getting used to with the concept of shifting and tilting, but now I find it easy and good in ergonomic terms.
It is a lens made for 35mm, but it really holds up very well on a 40x54 sensor, even shifted. In landscape position I get a clean file with a rise of 10mm. However, if I want a flatstich and go left/right in landscape I quickly get mechanical vignetting with the FPS/Nikon adaptor. I guess I could win a couple of mm with the FPS/EOS adaptor instead with its larger diametre mount.

It does not need a hood since the first lens element sits deep into the body of the lens and thus is well protected for stray light and it is rather flare safe.

I use mine usually between f5.6-f11. Although it is not at all bad wide open, there is, as usual an improvement one stop slower. No problems with CA.

My biggest concern is that it does not feel completely solid, there is some play in the construction. When mounted and placing a finger under the front, I can lift it ever so slightly and also a tiny play sideways. But I have not really seen anything being effected in images. In fact, it is incredibly sharp on the 60mp back.

The image below is shot now for the purpose of this thread. Focus distance is 1.5 metres and I have a 2 degree swing and a simultanous 4mm fall. The FPS set to 1/10, 100iso and 10 sec delay. A second exposure was shot wide open to use for the background and have greater oof. The only lightsource was the window on the left and reflectors used to control how the light fell onto the speaker.