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Thread: Hasselblad CFV50 v. CFV50c?

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    Hasselblad CFV50 v. CFV50c?

    I really like the colors that my CFV50 produces, but I hate the small LCD on the back and that I don't have Live View to check focus.

    Now Hassy has come out with a CMOS back, the CFV50c.

    I am concerned that the colors may not be as good as the CCD sensor in the CFV50.

    Anyone have experience with the two backs?


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    Re: Hasselblad CFV50 v. CFV50c?

    I don't have experience with those two specifically but I do have a lot of CMOS/CCD experience. You'll be able to go anywhere you want with the files. They're remarkably flexible from a CMOS. You're not supposed to love SOOC files, you're supposed to be able to work with them. The biggest thing you have to consider is that AFAIK the CFV50 is a bigger sensor. More of a crop with the c model. YMMV but I'd go with the C no questions asked. The ability to shoot handheld in more light and pull detail from the highs and lows is so important to my work, as are the added things like live view, screen, etc... It's all about the profiling for color.

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