When the Phase One IQ 250 was released, the sample images looked to me less vivid than similar images on a CCD MF back. This was an uneducated observation based on a laptop screen but, on this forum, I discovered that a number of sophisticated photographers with advanced equipment thought this difference showed through even in printed images (while others disagreed, of course). Still on a laptop screen, but most of the early sample images of the new Phase One IQ3 100 are spectacular (all except the Alpa samples taken with an ultra-wide shifted lens). Whether the look is attributable to the back's 16-bit capture or its CFA, I'd wager that when the evidence is in (movements aside) the IQ3 100 will win over even the pro-CCD hardliners. If so, once I win Powerball tonight (and the odds are only about 200 million to 1 against, so what could go wrong), I'll put away my Crown Graphic and sheet film and order the new back and a MF digital camera. (And then, when the next MF full-frame CMOS back comes out with a BSI version of the sensor, I'll buy a technical camera system to go with it.)