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Thread: Mamiya 645 mount lens question

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    Mamiya 645 mount lens question

    Fotodiox now has a RinoCam offering that creates a 66mm x 66mm composite image with 6 A7x frames stitched.

    It is offered in M645 and Hasselblad V mount options. They also have an Pentax 6x7 to M645 mount adapter.

    I decided to order one to give it a try.

    If it works reasonably well, it will be a nice tool for creating large files of landscape and architectural subjects.

    Which brings me to my question:
    Which lenses would you recommend for this setup?

    I've found and ordered a Mamiya 50mm Shift lens, also a Pentax 6x7 135mm Macro.

    If this works, it will also be useful for documenting paints and other art work. Any lenses that might be useful for those endeavors?


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    Re: Mamiya 645 mount lens question

    After Carl (Scho) put up his tests; I gave it try. Removed the focusing aid that was useless and interfered with the A7R grip. l tried the Hasselblad 40 CFi; 50FLE; 100 CFi; on the Mamiya mount 4 and 6 inch Cooke's. It worked; I found I had to do more shots than the ones indicated; but the awkwardness and the lack of movement made me move to an Actus; again after seeing Carl's tests with the Actus for which I am very grateful for his excellent tests and posts,

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