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Thread: Capture one / ipad pro

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    Capture one / ipad pro

    Hi studio-photography-nerds,

    trying to optimize my shooting style:

    I am wondering if there is a possibility to shoot thetered into the laptop via capture one, controlling + viewing the picture via capture pilot for the clients and ... writing comments with the pencil function straight on it.
    I know with some pencil programs - they are supporting the import of pictures - then you can write on them. But how to connect with capture one?

    Any ideas?
    is the ipad pro an useful tool for photographers? if yes - how do you use it?

    Thank you for your feedback.

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    Re: Capture one / ipad pro

    I did buy myself a iPad Pro that I do use mostly for photography. There is an app called AstroPad which lets you mirror the computer (mac) on the iPad Pro, and it also supports the Apple Pen. For any photoshop/lightroom work that requires any sort of finesse and a steady hand I use AstroPad and the iPad Pro. The difference from using a normal graphics tablet, like a wacom, is that you draw on the image itself so you have to look at the iPad Pro. It does not move the pointer unless the pen is actually touching the iPad Pro, but since I do most of my editing from the sofa this is perfect for me.

    My 2 cents.

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    Re: Capture one / ipad pro

    I don't believe the iPad Pro has sufficient computing resources to support tethered capture or run C1 Pro.

    If you need the similar small form factor, I would consider the Surface Pro which will allow you to shoot tethered into C1 Pro. I haven't tried this next function, but with a Microsoft Display adapter, you can then mirror or wirelessly extend your Surface Pro screen to another monitor.


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    Re: Capture one / ipad pro

    iPad Pro includes USB 3 capability (accessory dongle) with over 400Mbtye/second read capacity. A 250G byte storage unit has plenty of storage space, after consuming space for OS and apps, etc, for a LOT of exposures. It also has either 1G or 2G RAM to work with, a little skinny for image processing purposes but workable.

    I've connected the Lightning -> SD Card dongle and moved 50 raw files in to mine, then opened them with PhotoRAW and processed them out to full resolution JPEG or TIFF files. Total time to do the task was less than ten minutes.

    HOWEVER, running Capture One in an emulation environment and tethering will probably work at the limits of the device's capabilities. It depends upon the emulation's efficiency. I can't see the Surface Pro has much advantage other than that the code runs native ... if Capture One were written to run on iOS, they would likely be matched in performance. It's the emulation mode that costs performance for non-native apps.

    These tablets are really very powerful small computers.


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