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Thread: Phase One Plug Modification & New Multiple Exposure Module (Multi Pop)

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    Phase One Plug Modification & New Multiple Exposure Module (Multi Pop)

    After a year with my P45+ and Alpa 12 Max and SWA, I've always been worried that the multisync port would fail again because the plug is at a -45 angle. I've been searching high and low of a plug manufacturer and haven't had any luck. But, I just realized that the Mamiya Electromagnetic Cable Release uses the same exact plug that the wake up cables, KG's One Shot, and multi pop modules use. I've got one on the way and I'll be splicing the wires to see if I can actually get a straight plug for the back. I want to finally have the SWA and Max around my neck without worry that the plug will break because they are digging into my side. I'll let you guys know how the mod goes, if the wiring is exactly the same, there shouldn't be any complications. I have a healthy background in electronics and used a multimeter to check the voltage, resistance, and current draw from the port and it seems that the back only uses the port for signals, no real power draw. To give an example- when we wake up our backs, we're actually relaying (shorting) out the signal to signal the back to wake up and start capturing.

    Also, I've been working with Chris Lawery at Capture Integration on producing my own multiple exposure modules that are similar to the Multi Pop box that most people have used. I've redesigned the components to fit into a housing that is no larger than 2.5 USB thumb drives stacked flat on top of each other, around a pack of gum. I wanted to put up a post to see if there is any interested in the modules, as I am excited to make more of them for you guys. I have had three photographers purchase them so far who are all using a P45+ and have had great results with creating long exposures with their Contax 645, Hasselblad H2, and ALPA 12 Max cameras. I've added a few images below to get a feel for how small I've been able to reduce it down to, much more compact than the previous version. Just to assure you that the plugs are able to be trusted, I am using original, brand new Phase One adapters (I think the adapter was originally used to connect a Hasselblad V series camera to a back)

    Just a note: The small, black module has a roll pin lever switch that has a nice "click" when depressed to confirm that the back has been woken up. I found that the roll pin switch was the best lever to use because of size and crispness of the switch when depressed.

    If you have not heard of the multi pop, it basically is a module that allows a Phase One back to have the ability to stay woken up and have a continuous capture. This module allows photographers to use their technical digital cameras like the Alpa, Cambo, etc to create multiple exposures on one single shot, just like how you would on a 4x5 view camera. This module has also helped photographers create longer exposures with other camera systems like the Contax and Hasselblad cameras by first taping the row of gold pins connecting a Phase One digital back to the camera body, then setting the camera on Bulb, "turning on" the back with the module and actuating the lens. All that needs to be done after that is flipping the switch to the off position and closing the lens.

    You can also click here to read Jeffrey Totaro's well written explanation of his Multi Pop to get an idea what it does.

    If anyone has any thoughts or opinions, please post them!

    Thank you!

    Andrew Hara

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    Re: Phase One Plug Modification & New Multiple Exposure Module (Multi Pop)


    My only suggestion would be a smaller toggle switch that doesn't stick out so far.


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    Re: Phase One Plug Modification & New Multiple Exposure Module (Multi Pop)

    Thanks Stephen, I'll keep an eye out for smaller toggles.


    Quote Originally Posted by stephengilbert View Post

    My only suggestion would be a smaller toggle switch that doesn't stick out so far.


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