A lot of people have been curious as to how you can shoot tethered (Digital Backs or DSLRs)into CaptureOne v4.0 and take advantage of full rez previews as you shoot. Well Doug Peterson at Capture Integration has put together a short video demonstrating how this can be accomplished using combination CaptureOne v3.7x and CaptureOne 4.0LE . This works with not only PhaseOne digital backs, but any camera that is supported via CaptureOne 3.7.x as a tethered capture device. You could also use this method on cameras that are not supported for direct tethered capture in CaptureOne like the Nikon, but substituting the Nikon capture program from CaptureOne Pro 3.7.x
Check out the video here: http://www.captureintegration.com/ca...ips-and-trick/

Thanks Doug!


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