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Thread: Zeiss 50/4 fle do I use it ?

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    Zeiss 50/4 fle do I use it ?

    So I just bought this used Hasselblad Zeiss 50mm f4 lens with a floating lens element. I am OK with how to focus the lens using the front and rear rings. The instructions explain this clearly,but what are the two center rings for ?
    The instructions completely ignore these two center rings.
    I cannot seem to find any mention of these on the web even after much searching. Maybe because I do not even know what to call them.
    The lens came in the original packing with what seems like all the papers...nothing on this subject.

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    Re: Zeiss 50/4 fle do I use it ?

    Do you mean the shutter speed and aperture rings? What camera are you using it on?
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    Re: Zeiss 50/4 fle do I use it ?

    Here it is:

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