I just got around to downloading the new version (1.2.1) of Phocus. It adds a lens correction module for legacy V lenses (which can be used on the H series cameras with an adapter). This works very well - I tried it on some files taken with my CF 40 FLE lens and it eliminated the small amount at CA and barrel distortion that this lens exhibits.

The correction software requires you to identify the lens, f-stop and focus distance. The file's capture info includes the lens ID based on the menu choice that you made when you mounted the lens, and a guess at f-stop, which is accurate if you simply transfered the camera's meter values to the lens. You have to guess at the focus distance.

Focus 1.2.1 looks like it upgrades legacy Carl Zeiss lenses to digital standards. These lenses are often available used at attractive prices - I've just purchased a CF 50 FE online for less than $800.