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Thread: In praise of the D2h ( yes, its a 2 :p )

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    In praise of the D2h ( yes, its a 2 :p )

    Hi there,

    Being a Leica devotee for the last years and now aquiring a MF camera, I was in need of a dSLR to cover my needs for Macro and Tele work.

    While you can do macro with a Hasselblad quite well, Tele isnt its game and neither is for a Leica : sure its doable with a Visioflex but its as nice as .. well, not going to complete the sentence here

    So I went to my usual dealer and found a good D2h for a price that I couldnt believe. Honestly, I was floored: how can it be ? That little ? Good Lord, that has to be bullet proof the price.

    I've used the D2x and had it in the past, so the D2h surely would be as similar minus the resolution.

    Could live with the 4mp I thought to myself but decided that at that price ( D2h + Nikon 60mm Micro ) for 400 euro, was a no brainer.

    Decided to take some shots of my mother dog's and the pictures came out very nicely ( yes yes, I know they are dog pictures ).

    So today I came to my Mother house and she had both pictures printed on something between A1 and A2, on her local photoshoot : thats 50x60cms, or 17 x 24 inches.

    And it looked GOOD !

    Honestly, I was picking and the sharpness is very very good. I never though that would print that nice. Granted the whole frame is two picture of the dogs, so each picture is printed effectively on something like 8-9 inchs X 12 inches, which in turn really surprised me.

    I would never thought to do this.

    Well, yes the ISO on this camera sucks. There is no other word for it no matter how you put it. The AF is blazing fast, even with dog lenses ( AF 60 mm Micro is a slow focusing lens and still get results like this :

    But the files are easy to process, enlarges nicely and when used in the low ISO's, the results are very good.

    Happy camper to have a backup D2h

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    Re: In praise of the D2h ( yes, its a 2 :p )

    Nice dog shots and it sounds like you got a great old camera, for the money. I've considered getting a D2H as well, just because they are so cheap.

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    Re: In praise of the D2h ( yes, its a 2 :p )

    Nikon D2H + 50mm Nikkor. "Nikon SP".

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