Hello :

At present I use the Nikon 12-24 - About to move to the FX format and thus the need for the 14-24.

I have just returned from an assignment where the interior had lights placed above and on the sides of the space. For images where I was not able to completely shade the lens from stray shafts of light, as one would expect, the contrast and IQ of the image has suffered. But in all other images where the lens was shaded using flags and gobos, the IQ, contrast, etc. is really, really good.

This experience in particular got me thinking that perhaps a "Wide Angle Bellow Hood" ( Lee makes one which is supposed to reduce chances of vignetting, while shading the lens when used with ultra wide angle lenses ) could help me achieve more consistent and optimal results in these challenging environments rather than relying on my assistant who would manually hold flags / gobos around the lens where his slight movement could either result in including his hand resulting in vignetting or having shafts of light fall on the lens.

Have any one of you used a bellow hood in conjunction with the 14-24 ? What is your take with this approach ?


ps : I did ask a similar question on another forum and wish for more feedback thus am asking this question here.