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Thread: Yosemite during Thanksgiving week...or other?

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    Yosemite during Thanksgiving week...or other?

    Donald Weston , Aug 30, 2010; 10:34 a.m. (edit )

    Have checked with google search but no listings for this specific info. Am going to be in California the week leading up to and including the holiday. Have been to Yosemite twice before years ago and wondered what things would be doable this time of the year. I know the Tioga Pass road most likely will be closed by then, which is unfortunately too bad. Will be heading in from San Francisco area and spending at most two to three nights in park.
    Another alternative is just stay on coastal areas and go south to Carmel/ Big Sur area for the same 2-3 nights...have been there also, luckily, but lots to shoot and things are always different, right? comments and suggestions would be appreciated. Is my desire to return to Yosemite over shadowing reality of what there is to shoot this time of year, I mean, fall folliage and waterfalls will be gone by Thanksgiving? Correct? Would I just be better doing in the coast and leaving Yosemite for another time of year down the road.
    Thanks for all your great, Don

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    Re: Yosemite during Thanksgiving week...or other?

    November is far from the best month for Yosemite. Tioga Road will be closed (unless it's a *real* drought year), the waterfalls will be minimal, the serious snow (which can make it very pretty) probably won't have started yet, and the fall color will probably be gone. I haven't gone over Thanksgiving itself, but I'd be concerned that it might be packed with families because of school holidays.

    Another thing to consider if you haven't been there yet...the north coast. Redwood forests and interesting coastline are both lovely all year. If you only have a couple of days, then the Mendocino to Eureka area isn't too bad a drive from SF. The Mendocino coast isn't quite as dramatic as Big Sur, but it's pretty cool too (I actually like it better, with more inlets with interesting rocks, rock arches, crashing waves, etc.), and Humboldt Redwoods State Park (probably the best of the redwoods parks) is up near Eureka. The area's never too crowded, either.


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