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Thread: Removing AA filter.

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    Removing AA filter.

    Has anyone here removed the AA filter from their D700? I'd never thought about doing it before but these results seem pretty dramatic.
    I'm always suspicious of such modifications, though.

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    Re: Removing AA filter.

    Never removed AA filters from any of my Nikon DSLR's... never had an issue with them.

    I have 'seen' some stuff posted online... but IDK... if Nikon puts it there... theirs a reason.

    I have also never been a fan to pay more for less :P

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    Re: Removing AA filter.

    Why can't they do this test with a commonly used Nikon lens, instead of some weird lens that practically no one uses with a D700 in real life?

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    Removing AA filter

    At some rare occasions the moiré pattern can be very distinct in images from a sensor without Anti-Aliasing filter.

    Still, I'd like to see Nikon make DSLRs without AA filters some day, though obviously the filter is there for a reason, in most cameras.

    I'd be willing to deal with the occasional problem, and thereby gain some more crisp sharpness in general.

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