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Thread: Compact Flash Reader for iPad

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    Compact Flash Reader for iPad

    Elvis had high hopes for the CF Card Reader for iPad and iPad 2 but those hopes were dashed. To read the review go here;

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    Re: Compact Flash Reader for iPad


    thanks for the insights. Sorry to hear that result. I was hoping for such a solution as well, because I don't like the idea of connecting the camera via USB due to camera's battery energy saving in the field (mostly desert).

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    Re: Compact Flash Reader for iPad

    Why couldn't a usb card reader be used with the ipad camera kit rather than connecting the camera. Wouldn't that avoid the battery drain problem?

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    Re: Compact Flash Reader for iPad

    I bought the card reader in here locally (at Walgreens). It cost 15 bucks. But you can buy it cheaper by having it shipped from Walmart.

    It works, well. I leave it attached to my USB camera connection kit, and carry it with my gear and my iPad. It's pretty fast in general so I don't need to carry my non-ipad compatible card reader as well as this one just for my mbp.

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