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Thread: News D90 with video & Adobe camera profiles

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    News D90 with video & Adobe camera profiles

    It is claimed the D90 will have video.

    There are beta camera profiles available for CS3 and Lightroom 2. I've heard these are good but you can determine that yourself. Think D700 is in the pack, but not sure as I only thought I caught a glimpse of D700 as it installed. "I think therefore I am. I should stop thinking.

    That's the news in brief


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    Re: News D90 with video & Adobe camera profiles

    Yes, D700 is supported (unofficially). To check, (when on a Mac) you go to:

    Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/Camera Beta 1, among others, you will see a Nikon D700 folder containing the Picture Control equivalent profiles. The other folder contains Adobe's default profile for the D700.

    Cheers, Maurits

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