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Thread: Bought D2X Today

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    Bought D2X Today

    Well today i did it, I bought a mint condition D2X it was this or a D300 I know that loads of you will say i made the wrong choice. Once I had them both in my hand and started to take shots I had to have the D2X, everything about it screams quality

    Battery charged manual read settings adjusted now its picture taking time or it would be if it was not night time.

    Package bought:
    D2X (Firmware v2)

    All from Grays of Westminster what a fantastic shop very helpful nothing to much trouble letting me go from one camera to the next and back again.

    Looking forward to getting this baby tried out going down to Devon next week so lots of photos to be taken.

    Any tips gratefully received, I have already download Moose Peterson's set-up tips.



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    Re: Bought D2X Today

    A few photos from today's outing with the new D2X, I think this is going to be a very enjoyable camera to use coming over from Canon everything seems new and different and gives you that kid at christmas feeling


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    Re: Bought D2X Today


    The D2x is awesome camera, i used one for 2.5 years before before switching to a D200 body. At ISO 400 and higher the D200 showed the D2x's weakness in IQ.

    A friend of mind just loaned me a D300 and it reminds me a lot of the D2x in built quality but the files IQ just blows both the D2x & D200 away at ISO 400 & higher. My take on digital cameras now days is about a 2 year year life cycle before new improvements in IQ make a necessary jump to a newer body.

    Just to let you know I make my living doing editorial photography for academia so i don't need more than a 12 megapixel camera.

    Best of Enjoyment on your D2x purchase.


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    Re: Bought D2X Today

    Hope you enjoy your D2x as much as I did. My fond memories include a very durable body, a very fast operation and very good battery life. Unfortunately I dropped it on a very hard surface, breaking the Nikkor 17-55/2.8 lens and damaging D2x's pentaprism. What's remarkable is that D2x worked nearly flawlessly after this incident, albeit with a different lens attached. In the end I had to trade it for a D300, because repairs would cost very much


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