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Thread: Dust Protection and the D800

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    Alexander DeVoe

    Dust Protection and the D800

    Hey all,

    I am wondering if anyone has a good method for dust-proofing a camera for a very tough week in a camera hostile environment. I will be using a D800 and a 14-24mm and 50mm 1.4G. I found some generic waterproof bags, but I doubt they will fit the 14-24, given that it is such a hog. I haven't been finding an answer that quite solved my problem.

    Does anyone have any experience shooting in a dusty desert/lake bed environment? I have a fairly limited budget after all my camera/lens/support gear, and seeing as this will be just a one time deal, it doesn't warrant a full housing purchase. Hopefully someone knows! Also, time isn't an issue, as this is a far in the future event.


    -Alexander DeVoe

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    Re: Dust Protection and the D800

    Maybe try ThinkTank

    Camera Rain Covers

    If sunny, I'd be tempted to cover any dark cover with something reflective to keep the heat down.

    Porta Brace (direct in US or thru B&H) also makes come camera covers that might work - one in white IIRC for hot environments to keep the heat down.

    Haven't used either firms covers yet, but might be an option. Good luck.

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