I have three pristine Non AI lenses sitting on my shelf: 28mm f3.5, 50mm f2, and 135mm f2.8. For $25 I can have them converted to AI, which I understand will allow open aperature metering in M and A modes. There has been a ton of talk about which modern day lenses will hold up to the 36mp sensor, but what about these real old guys? I figured I would give them a try, since I already own them. Anyone tried old MF glass?
Thanks in advance.
Dave in NJ
PS I did purchase some modern glass: 14-24 Nikkor, 18mm Zeiss ZF.2, and Voigtlander 90mm f3.5 APO Lanthar SLII. (Diglloyd tested this lens and raves about it). All my work is landscape/seascapes.