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Thread: Zeiss for both Nikon/NEX 7

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    Zeiss for both Nikon/NEX 7

    So I've been working a little with my new 800e as well as my NEX-7. Really like both cameras for some things, finding manual focus on the NEX works pretty good well as does LV focusing on the 800e. So my thought is to get a few Zeiss Nikon primes and perhaps the Novaflex Nikon to Sony E mount adaptor to put the same lenses on the NEX.

    Any thoughts on this? Opinions from those using Zeiss glass on the 800 as to which would resolve the best would be appreciated (looking for around 35mm, 50mm, maybe the 100 macro to start)
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    Re: Zeiss for both Nikon/NEX 7


    after using a couple of Zeiss ZF lenses for the past years until today and testing most of them on the D800 recently I would say the following:

    ZF 100 Macro Planar:
    Best lens in this line-up, high resolving power, almost no distortion, very low CA.

    ZF 50 f1.4 Planar:
    For perfect corner to corner resolution the lens needs to be stopped down to f4. Bokeh wide open is a bit harsh. CA is a bit on the higher side (but certainly not worse compared to its competitors) and there is barrel distortion.

    ZF 50 f2 Macro Planar:
    Very good resolving power already wide open, peak performance at f5.6, there is a bit barrel distortion (clearly less than the f1.4 Planar), very very low CA.

    ZF 35 f1.4:
    This fast lens belongs to the top performing range. Nice bokeh wide open, unfortunately CA until f2.8 (nothing uncommon on fast lenses), high resolving power into the corners. This lens replaced my former ZF 35 f2. So no comment possible on this lens on a D800.

    I guess I don't need to mention the impressive mechanics and overall finish of those ZF/ZE lenses. Furthermore the ZF 21 is one of my other personal favorites besides the new ZF 25 f2.

    A good source to retrieve quite a lot Zeiss ZF lens information is diglloyd.

    All the best from the Red Sea,

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