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Thread: Cleaning sensor on D800

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    Cleaning sensor on D800

    Just got the camera and read/perused the entire manual.

    It states that you can use a blower but not to actually touch/clean the sensor; send it to a service center instead. (page 397)

    Coming from a Leica M9 which I have cleaned the sensor several times; initially with some trepidation but it is quite easy to do.

    Do people really send in their cameras just to have the sensor cleaned or is this just Nikon trying to minimize liability? Is the Nikon D800 sensor that much more fragile?

    I use the Visible Dust line of products and it does the job just fine.

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    Re: Cleaning sensor on D800


    The manual says, clean the sensor manually OR send it to an authorised Nikon Servicepoint, so no objections against cleaning it.
    I started a similar thread further below that obviously caused some "sweat on the forehead"
    I got my D800 in April and since then I cleaned the sensor already a few times, though I haven't tried the sensor film yet.

    Greetings, Jurgen

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    Re: Cleaning sensor on D800

    Cleaning the sensor of a Nikon DSLR, including the D800/D800E, is straightforward and a process that can be accomplished by the careful photographer. I've never sent a camera (since 2002) to a service center for cleaning and have had no instances of sensor damage. Here's Thom Hogan's guide to sensor cleaning which I find useful. YMMV.

    Joe Colson Photography

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    Re: Cleaning sensor on D800

    Make sure to try the self-cleaning cycle though if you haven't already. When my D800E was brand new it had a sudden burst of dust and spots, which it self-cleaned nicely. I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised. Since then, despite shooting in dusty desert and windy coastal conditions I haven't picked up a single permanent spot; not one. I'm quite impressed...

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    Re: Cleaning sensor on D800

    I have cleaned my D3x many many many times, only had to use the rocket blower on the D800e so far that has worked well but when/if it comes to a proper clean I will have no fear to do it myself, these sensors really are very resilient if you have the confidence.

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