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Thread: 85/1.4...the debate.

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    Re: 85/1.4...the debate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ario Arioldi View Post
    Why don't you try the 85/1.8 G, I prefer it over the 1.4D which I also have.
    I've heard this from others a well

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    Re: 85/1.4...the debate.

    Reviews are one thing. How a lens performs for its owner could very well be another issue.

    I do not review..photographic gear. I am not knowledgeable or capable enough.
    The equipment I own, I use and make up my own mind about its performance.

    I do not have the option of trying out equipment; returning it according to my fancy....and that makes it tougher still.

    My Nikkor 85/1.4 D has been the only lens version I bought and have.

    It has done heroic service for me..on the D70 and right up to the D 700 with a lot in between. Portraits and other things...small tele.

    I am sure, there are better comparative lenses for Nikon out there; but will they
    bring that much more to the table for me? I do not think so...YMMV.

    Madrid, Spain..

    Oslo, Norway...

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