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Thread: Cotton Carrier - Useful?

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    Cotton Carrier - Useful?

    How many of you find the Cotton Carrier a useful tool for getting around in the field and having quick access to your camera/lens? Is it practical? Any serious drawbacks?

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    Re: Cotton Carrier - Useful?

    I have the CC and for outdoor work, especially while hiking or walking through crowded streets, I find it indispensable. Looks crazy as hell with D700 and Zeiss 100MP sitting on the end of it, but, I can bend over with it, deploy it very rapidly, it doesn't bang into stuff like door frames. I wouldn't (with emphasis upon the "I") mountain bike with it on because I'm a pretty lame MB'er. Doggone thing is built beautifully, distributes the weight perfectly, and sits right smack in the middle of my chest just above the belt harness of my Gregory back pack. I love it

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