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Thread: Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions

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    Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions

    Just curious if anyone else bought/got their Coolpix A. I bought it just now from local bestbuy and did not find any threads in any forum about this little guy. So thought of starting one myself

    I was looking for a compact to accompany D7100 and was thinking of X100x, RX100/V1, X20 and GRD IV or rumored V. I had used GRD III for a while and was pretty comfortable with its size, and FOV specially for street photography. As I decided to pick of D7100 I was thinking of waiting for rumored GRD V with 16M APSC sensor, just when Nikon launched Coolpix A. With folks on Ricoh Forum saying like Nikon launched GRD V my interest increased in this camera.

    After handling all the cameras, I finally chose Coolpix A. Here are my observations comments.

    Size: Its really VERY compact much smaller than online pictures perceive it to be and I still can not beleive it has same sensor as in giant D7000. It is much much smaller than Fuji X100/X10 and just slightly larger than RX100. I found little larger size a good thing as it improves holding and handling a lot still keeping it pocket-able.

    Build: Very sturdy (for compact) yet light similar to V1. I personally finding it better than Fujis and slightly better or equal to RX100. Fujis while build is good I found both X100 and X10 (did not try newer iterations) give kind of hollow feel. That's not the case with Coolpix A

    Handling: I hndled it just for 20-30 mins as battery is now charging. But to me first impressions are good. All advanced function I need Exp Comp, ISO, Aperture etc are available through direct buttons. Will write more about it as I take it out for real shooting

    Menu: No surprise similar to DX, felt straight away at home as soon as I clicked Menu

    AF, Performance, Images to be added

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    Re: Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions


    I read with interest your experiences with this little machine. Thanks for posting.

    A couple of questions
    As you are a GRD III owner how do you feel it compares in the hand for both size, portability and while using it directly compared to the GRD III?

    How well does the LCD works in bright harsh light? - important otherwise we have to resort to the OVF options.

    I am curious to startup time and how noisy the lens extension is with zzt zzt sounds? My GRD IV is ok IMO.

    I too am waiting to hear if a GRD V APS-C will surface but if not, this Nikon is high on my list. Price is too steep at the moment for me. Maybe sub US$800 is more acceptable.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions

    I'm very interested in this camera. Would love to hear more once you have more experience with it. I won't be buying until the price comes down a bit or they end up on the used market.

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    Re: Coolpix A: Rolling first impressions

    Interesting compact. Looking forward to more observations. I handled the little Sony x100 and it is really nice but actually to small. It absolutely needs the 3rd party grip on it
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