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Thread: PSA Nikon D810 (no rebate) discount going on now

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    PSA Nikon D810 (no rebate) discount going on now

    This might sting a tiny bit for those who paid full price but perhaps help those who have been on the fence about buying one. 500.00 USD off is a pretty steep discount! No idea how long that will last. Me, I'm waiting to see what replaces it. Pretty happy with my D800E. Though EFCS has made me think hard about upgrading to one.

    Nikon D810 Digital SLR 1542 Camera Body - Review Nikon D810 at B&H Photo
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    Re: PSA Nikon D810 (no rebate) discount going on now

    I was also thinking there may be a replacement coming, but it's probably is too early for that. Maybe they had a lot of extra stock.
    They will eventually have to get a 50MP to keep up with Canon. Maybe a D5X? ... I would buy that.

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