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Thread: Nikon's (possible) plan for a most versitile accessory

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    Nikon's (possible) plan for a most versitile accessory

    Nikon has a patent for a smart watch that emits fragrance | Nikon Rumors

    The purose of this watch is quite clear. First it emits a choice of pheromones to attract various wildlife during mating season to capture that once in a lifetime shot.

    Another use is the watches ability to spray at push of a button, ones favorite parfume or cologne (depending if Nikon shooter is female or male) while shooting on the sideline of a sports event to attract the teams pro superstar to accept offer for after event dinner and drink and exclusive photo shoot.

    Of course third option is a short spray of mace which may be userful when being chased down the street by a umbrella wielding individual after an episode of taking their photograph without permission during a day of street shooting.

    The possibilities are endless. I just hope they incorporate wifi/bluetooth option so dedicated button on camera can activate choice of watch's spray by a simple quick push . What will Nikon come up with next with todays limited R&D funding?

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    Re: Nikon's (possible) plan for a most versitile accessory

    Sometimes companies have and idea and patent it just to keep it away from others or to license the technology. There is potentially a lot of money in licensing.

    What is a company suppose to do when they discover or invent an idea, throw it away if it doesn't fit their core business? I don't think so. Let's remember the idea is to maximize profit for the stockholders.

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