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Thread: Hot lights vs. strobes?

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    Hot lights vs. strobes?

    What are the pros and cons of each of these methods of lighting?
    Is there a generally accepted opinion that one is generally better than the other?

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    Re: Hot lights vs. strobes?

    It's generally a matter of preference and necessity. What are your goals?

    Generally speaking, most pro studio photographers tend to use strobes. Strobes can have advantages like more output, less heat and easier portability, and there tends to be more light modifier options as well. However, hot lights have a look/atmosphere that some prefer, and, sometimes, less power can be a good thing. Plus, often times you can use whatever "hot lights" are available around you. I've seen photographers use everything from a single light bulb to giant movie lights with fresnels. Not only that, but you can even mix hotlights and strobes once you get a handle on things.

    If you're studying photography and would like to work your way up the professional advertising/assistant ranks, learning both is crucial, and strobes will be the more common of the two. If you're setting up a little portrait studio for yourself, you can get good results either way.

    Light is light, and the color, duration, power and positioning of it is up to you. Have fun with it!

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