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Thread: Ricoh GXR - rattly LH-1 lens hood on A12 28mm fix

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    Ricoh GXR - rattly LH-1 lens hood on A12 28mm fix

    The LH-1 lens hood is a somewhat imprecise fit on the A12 28mm lens' bayonet mounting, which makes the camera feel cheap when it's fitted and always suggests that it's going to fall off (which it never does).

    It annoyed me enough yesterday that I came up with a simple solution:
    I took a length of dental floss and wrapped it around the bayonet slot twice with the lens fitted and camera powered on so that the lens was extended. Then, holding it in place, I attached the lens hood.

    No more rattley fit, the hood now feels solid and secure like the rest of the camera. The dental floss disappears between the hood and the lens, you can't see it at all. And the hood removes instantly if you want to take it off (no real reason to, btw), no problems at all.

    I love it when I find a half cent cure that makes a camera nicer to work with...
    There's not even a point to showing a picture of it since you can't see it! :-)

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    Re: Ricoh GXR - rattly LH-1 lens hood on A12 28mm fix

    Thanks for the tip, Godfrey - now I have to find my lens hood before I can fix it


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