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Thread: Ricoh GXR - leather neckstrap ST-3

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    Ricoh GXR - leather neckstrap ST-3

    The standard neckstrap supplied with the GXR body is a typical nylon weave, kinda stiff and uncomfortably scratchy at the edges. Wearing it for more than a few minutes causes irritation on my neck.

    The ends are a thin 5/16" width flat nylon webbing. I was going to make a leather neckstrap by cutting down a dog leash for the webbing and getting some strips of leather from the motorcycle road racing shop nearby, but then I noticed that Ricoh sold a leather neckstrap (part number ST-3) for $40. Given all the work that making a good one entails, I figured I had to give that a try first.

    It arrived today and, I have to say, it exceeds my expectations. Soft leather lined with micro-fiber cloth, very supple even brand new. Well worth the $40 price tag, it's like a premium watch band in a neck-strap context.

    I threaded it with the Nikon routing shown in
    so it is very secure and very very comfortable.

    Now the GXR around my neck feels very secure and the neckstrap is up to the quality of the rest of the camera. :-)

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    Re: Ricoh GXR - leather neckstrap ST-3

    You got it real cheap. I was looking for that same Ricoh ST-3 Leather Neck Strap at ebay, and found one for $65.99. But you're right, it is well worth the price.

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