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Thread: new Ricoh GRD IV!

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    new Ricoh GRD IV!


    I have had just one camera (a Leica M8) for about four years. Recently, I added the new Ricoh GRD IV. In fact, it arrived just yesterday. I think I'm really going to enjoy it, using it as the camera I can take anywhere when I'm not up to toting my RF, bag, and several lenses.

    My first two thoughts? It's really well built and significantly smaller than I expected. Very good on both accounts.

    I am reading up on how to use the settings and such--and am open to any recommendations. Also, on my M8, I use a Giotto screen protector, simply to lessen the chances of scratching the LCD screen. Is anyone using one on a Ricoh GRD? I saw one here:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: new Ricoh GRD IV!


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    Re: new Ricoh GRD IV!

    I have used screen protectors on number of different cameras but never on my GRDs (I,II,II,IV)because their screen is recessed, On my fourth one never had a scratch

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