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Thread: camera suggestion: sigma dp3m

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    camera suggestion: sigma dp3m

    Hi everyone,

    inspired by the dp2m (mostly the images thread in this forum and the lula forum) I was thinking that a sigma dp3m would be a great idea with a 60mm (2.8 or 4) macro. Obviously for macro but even more to achieve even higher resolution when stitching. of course the lens would have to be the same quality as the 30mm from the dp2m.

    I think I'd even prefer this to a dp2m (however the dp2m has a great focal lenght for (quick) single row horizontal panos) what about you?

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    Re: camera suggestion: sigma dp3m

    Assuming the price is no more than the price of a DP2M, I would buy one - in addition to the DP2M.

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