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Thread: DP2 M lens question

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    DP2 M lens question

    I've always associated thin DOFs with fast lenses like f1.4 or f2 but not with lenses of f2.8 or smaller. Yet wide open the 30mm f2.8 lens on the DP2M seems to have a razor thin DOF.

    So my question is, is this unique to this lens or do all lenses display shallow DOF regardless of maximum aperture?
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    Re: DP2 M lens question

    depends how close you are to the subject. At macro distances even f16 can have very shallow DoF.

    Nothing special about the DP2M lens, other than its very sharp. Its DoF basically the same as any other 30mm lens at f2.8 on a 1.5x crop sensor. Does have a nice smooth bokeh quality though

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