In the midst of a house extension which I wished to record , this computer died requiring my 7.5 mp Leica Digilux 3 / L1 with a pair of ex-ebay , cheap as chips , Olympus 14-42 / 40-150 lenses to be released from semi-retirement to stretch the capacity of my SD cards from that of the Sony A35 / A290 .

Mercifully , my son in law has revived the still somewhat hesitant Mac Book , but not before I had rediscovered just why I loved these unique , boxy , Leica M8 styled cameras bought pre-loved [ and abandoned LOL ] , way back when .

By adjusting my expectations and techniques [ mainly manual focus and metering ] to overcome some of the frustrating hesitation / shunting of these 1st Generation 4/3rds beauties , I found them a joy to use with analogue style controls , a simple , some might say , basic interface somehow focusing on picture taking .

Even the tiny viewfinder was not as restricted as I had remembered , but I have recently been playing with my 1933 Leica II ....

7.5 mp is perfectly adequate for record shots and , for me seems better than setting a camera capable of greater resolution to a lesser setting .
Another aspect is that I try to avoid cropping , requiring more care in the compostion , just as one needed to do in those Kodachrome days !

Almost a return to those Minolta SRT days .
They won't be mothballed again !


It makes me wonder about ' progress ' .