Just wanted to say good things about Chris (Krzysztof) Hejnar at Hejnar Photo, who makes (among many good products) universal L-brackets.

After having searched for quite some time a L-plate which would be a good fit for the GXR with M-mount A12, and rejected quite a few (RRS, Kirk, Benro, Sunwayfoto), I had finally ordered a few weeks ago the "L Base 4" with "L side 1" from Hejnar Photo. Unfortunately, when they arrived (I am in France, Hejnar Photo is in the US), I found that once again the fit was not good… The vertical part of the L-plate was too far by 4mm from the left side of the camera. Because of this, the L-plate could rotate, and handling was awkward. Too bad, because the product was otherwise top notch, with a good quality feel and very good machining.

I described this to Chris Hejnar, and was about to return the L-plate, when he proposed to make another base plate derived from the "L Base 4", by simply shifting the slots 4mm, allowing the vertical part to sit flush on the left side of the camera.

I received the new plate today, and it does fit. For a more secure fixation, I still find it preferable to place e.g. a small rubber band around the bottom plate (because otherwise the L-plate can be forced, with some effort, to rotate around the bottom fixation screw). But now the plate fits as well as is possible for a generic model and for this camera.

So, thanks to Chris Hejnar, I finally have a good L-plate for my GXR!